The Soul of Urban Fair Trade

Five Star Pixie is the public service branch of Urban Fair Trade 's Grassroots Alliances.

It is managed by B2B Moonlighting, but its funding comes from every part of the Urban Fair Trade network.

Projects are selected by "reverse engineering" a problem down to its core to find the easiest way to rectify at least part of what causes the problem.

We rely on "The Butterfly Effect" to carry our "solutions" forward to a new, better outcome.

We are launching with two proprietary projects, Hearth and Home and Straw Dawgz:
Hearth and Home
This service trades home equity for a prospective home builder's heirloom recipes.

Those recipes will be assembled into individual cookbooks of folk recipes and sold through AmazonĀ®.

A family's recipes are a substantial asset that can be used toward the down payment of a first home.

One half of all Hearth & Home profits will be reinvested in Five Star Pixie projects.
Straw Dawgz
Five Star Pixie will be distributing bamboo flutes, with directions and simple sheet music throughout Philadelphia. Included with the music will be directions for how to play the flute --- both hard copy and online.

When enough people feel confident in themselves, we will challenge the Guinness® World Record for the largest number of musicians simultaneously playing a tune.

For the sake of logistics, this attempt will probably occur on line. (The current world record is held by Russia, where over 8,000 musicians played.)

Five Star Pixie projects have several "side effects", some of which aren't clearly obvious.

Hearth and Home is our acknowledgement that the history of a family is recorded in its heirloom recipes and that sharing that history makes each of us "family" to each other.

Making it possible to transform recipes into real estate equity provides substance to the concept of partnerships and dignity to the family whose recipes are being invested.

Straw Dawgz is a team effort that will allow a young person to build self confidence and useful life skills.

In many neighborhoods in Philadelphia, the feelings of disconnection are enormous. Our "Dawgz/Friends" need a "team", and accomplishments to call their own. (Consider it a real world "shot at the title" for Philadelphia under-dawgz.)

And if Guinness® rejects our record for any reason, we still intend to declare a new world record for bamboo flute playing, and raise a fuss over it by challenging other American cities to beat our record.