We’ve adapted our “Stop The Neglect”graphic to a variety of situations and products that need to be shared. If you want to use our graphics on any Zazzle® product that isn’t shown below, just email your idea to ‘store@UrbanFairTrade.com’ and we’ll add it to our selection (Assuming it’s “family-friendly” and not threatening. However, for some reason, Zazzle® will not allow our “Stop Smoking” graphic to be placed on a cigarette lighter.)

(F.Y.I.: We had to create a graphic for “stop” or “end” because the commonly-used circle with a line through it means “Do Not”, “No” or “Forbidden”. “No The Neglect” just didn’t convey our message clearly enough)

Odds and Ends

We replaced the traditional food pyramid portion guide with an easily understood heart on our previous website. “Pig Out” foods are at the top and foods you should limit are bordered with warning tape on the bottom.

Portioning Reminders


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