Strategic Deposits

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Please Note:
Opening deposits must be ^200 or more or they will not be processed..
For the first three months of participation, Strategic (discretionary) deposits in any month are limited to a maximum that’s equal to a Member’s opening deposit. After that time, the Member has the option of doubling the maximum amount every six months.

Strategic Deposits are a contract in which the depositor assigns a right to B2B Moonlighting to issue and market gift certificate vouchers in the name of the depositor’s company in an amount, or amounts, which equal the amount of the deposit. In return, B2B Moonlighting will assign AMPs to the depositor’s account, equal in value to the Strategic Deposit.

Submission of this Strategic Deposit represents the depositor’s acceptance of all terms and conditions contained within this form and in the Terms of Use of B2B Moonlighting.