Grassroots for Grass Phlutes

Straw Dawgz (also known as “Grass Phlutes” — Philadelphia Flutes) is a small project that is sponsored by B2B Moonlighting through Five Star Pixie.

“Pixie Dust” is a donation program to expand the program by opening sponsorships to the general public.

Because bamboo flutes aren’t exactly expensive, your donation of any size will have an impact on our community by funding at least one young person’s efforts*.

Make a sponsorship payment of at least $25 and we’ll reward you with our challenge coin, just like we would offer on a fancy crowdfunding site —- but without their commissions and fees diluting your payment’s impact.

*Please Note: All identifying information about each challenger is confidential and you won’t be receiving any correspondence from them.


Your donation is NOT tax deductible.


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