Hearth and Home is a service that helps individuals and families convert an asset ( their heirloom recipes) into real estate equity.

This Program collects your recipes, edits them, and then markets the finished books on our sites and on Amazon®. The up-front royalties that we pay you are credited toward contractor services of our local advertisers —- Buying you up to five percent (5%) of the equity in your newly-remodelled home.That is more than enough to qualify for one of the many 3% Down, First-Time-Buyer mortgages that many banks now offer.

One half of Urban Fair Trade‘s profits (If any) will go into the Five Star Pixie’s Eat Them INTO House and Home ™ fund.

Affordability, By Design:

Fifty times your monthly rent payment is the approximate value of how much real estate that you currently pay for. (For example, $100 rent per month will pay the mortgage and carrying costs for approximately $5,000 of real estate market value.)

By acting as a property’s “builder”, an inexperienced individual is legally entitled to be the unlicensed construction manager for their personal residence and sub-contract the various, required tasks to professional contractors.

The value of an updated or newly-constructed property includes items like builder’s profit and sales commissions, items that become part of the equity in the property.

Doing it yourself can add up to 20% to your “down payment” for a new home. (In the above example, $5,000 of this real estate’s value would cost only $80 to support every month)
The Landlord Option can further reduce the future expenses of a DIY, first-time buyer.

By designing a home that includes a basement rental unit, the cost of construction is increased, but by an amount that is far less than the increase in value of the finished home.

The rental income earned from the added unit will further decrease the new owner’s out of pocket, monthly shelter expenses.


A Third Floor Option can add an additional rental unit, a roof-top relaxation area, a utility area or gardening features.

Building stairs to a re-enforced roof during the main construction period is substantially less costly than retrofitting for expansion at a later time, and it makes the building a more valuable property with an expansion option.Taken together (a basement rental unit and a third floor), these options can effectively double the living space of a standard row house.


We Recommend a Double Lot for comfort and value.

Thanks to a glut in abandoned properties in Philadelphia, double lots can be created without double expense.

On a double lot, a row house with an average-sized footprint has options for front, back and/or side yards that are more functional than what are usually available.


The Gladiator 1 Home

Just One Possibility

This house plan incorporates family-friendly features, in a row house that would occupy a standard footprint of about 550 square feet, on a double lot.

For maximum family utility, the house has a five foot set back from the edge of the sidewalk and a comfortable backyard area, with no side yards.It is shown with a one bedroom, basement apartment and a rooftop
garden/relaxation area. An HVAC unit is located on the roof, tankless hot water units supply the appropriate plumbing fixtures and a single water filtration unit serves both kitchens.


The Gladiator 1
As with most construction projects, the final construction costs will depend on the cost of the choices that you make in finishing features, such as flooring, HVAC and appliances.The market value of your finished real estate will be a floating value that you can estimate based on how much income it could generate if it were entirely rented out.

26 Feet Wide, 20 Feet Deep


Basement Apartment

Primary Unit, First Floor

Notes: The private entrance to the basement apartment may be installed in the building’s front hall, or at the head, landing or base of the stairs to the unit.The wall that creates the front hall can be removed if the basement is to be part of the primary unit. (And, the living room and kitchen can be reversed to make the entire front of the house into a living room with an entry way).

Primary Unit, Second Floor



Notes: The stairwell may have either a solid roof or a roof with a skylight.The roof surface may be tar, rubber or green (Some options may qualify for grants and/or tax incentives.


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