Frequently Asked Questions

Before using the exchange services, an opening deposit (minimum, initial deposit is ^200) must be made. A Strategic Deposit form may be submitted at any time, credited to your account within twelve hours. (Submitting a Strategic Deposit with your application will have you up and running within the same twelve hour processing time)

Who may participate? Any legitimate company or 501(c)(3) agency may participate in any of the services presented through The Moonlighting network.

(We do, however, reserve the right to deny services to any potential member that behaves in a consumer-unfriendly way)

What services are available? The primary services are B2B barter exchanges. Moonlighting is one of the only exchanges in the world that is completely cashless

There are no membership fees and sales commissions are payable in trade.Branching out from this core are free advertising on our popular The Green Lyne website, anticipated sales through Strategic Deposits and free funding services for non profits.

How do the free websites work? Any legitimate company or nonprofit agency may obtain a free website, for as long as we exist.

On the surface, they are of simple design that will allow practically anyone to create their own website.

But the page editor has enough features to allow a skilled designer
to create a very impressive site. We place no advertising on the sites, but each has a simple link back to the homepage of B2B Moonlighting

How do I buy through Moonlighting? Purchases require enough AMPs in your account. Shortages can be made up through Strategic Deposits, but will delay the purchase by up to twelve hours.Otherwise, purchases are like any other, online store.Find what you want, click on your cart, place the order and wait a couple of seconds for the order to process.The receipt contains the download link for the gift certificate that you purchased. (The same link is in your confirmation email, but a
single click from either location blocks future use of that link.)Print the downloaded certificate and redeem at your leisure.The certificates are issued under their sponsor’s authority and must be redeemed under the same terms as the sponsor’s other gift certificate redemptions.
How do I market my company’s certificates through Moonlighting?
  1. Have a copy of the certificate that you plan to market ready on
    your internet-connected device or computer.
  2. Sign in to your exchange account
  3. Click “Products” and then “New” in the top navigation bar.
  4. Title Your Showcase, select appropriate categories and key (tags) words.
  5. Feature a picture that will call attention to your showcase.
  6. Describe your product and/or service in the main text area and in the brief description at the bottom of the page.
  7. IMPORTANT: Select Gift Certificate “download”, add the price and add “1” to download per buyer.
  8. Publish (You may revise at any time by going tp “Products/All” and clicking edit under the certificate you plan to revise)
  9. Please Note: All showcases are visible to all, but may only be purchased by signed in account owners.
What are “Provisional Accounts”? 501(c)(3) agencies are encouraged to trade their unneeded, in kind
donations of products and services for more agency-useful items through Moonlighting.Provisional Accounts allow companies to support their favorite agencies with donations of AMPs, but not be required to participate in trades with other account owners.