Beta Bonuses

During the beta phase of B2B Moonlighting's launch, we are offering five bonuses, all of which apply to both associate members and non-profit members:

  • A free, one year showcase in our Green Lyne store to target the general public and a free showcase in the A.M.P.s Store to target your fellow members. (This store will be a members-only mirror of your site on The Green Lyne, with the addition of functionality for selling your gift certificate vouchers.)

  • Your showcases may be changed at any time and fill as many pages as needed.

  • You earn The Green Lyne showcase just for completing the form below, and it begins as soon as we receive the information that you want posted, whether you become an active beta tester or not.

  • Charter Members will be credited with up to a ^500 rebate into their accounts on the three month anniversary of our Beta test launch (Amount will equal the member’s transaction amounts during that three months, up to ^500.)

  • Companies that have been referred by more senior charter members will earn a ^100 bonus for the referring member and a ^50 bonus for themselves.

  • Post a link to this page on your social media accounts and earn a ^50 bonus per account.
These bonuses are locked for the life of memberships initiated before July 4, 2020. Bonuses for memberships created after that date will be one-half of each amount listed above.

B2B Moonlighting is scheduled for a full beta test launch in August, 2020, but only if we have an exceptional mixture of quality members. That mixture will reflect a real world assortment of both consumer and commercial wants and needs.

This form is more a "Letter of Intent" than an actual commitment. Once we have a suitable mix of potential associates, you will be given the option of becoming an active beta tester, or cancelling your reservation.

Completing this form reserves a place for your company on our charter roster.

To help guide our member recruitments, Please tell us what kinds of businesses would be useful to yours, OR you may suggest local companies by name, with our assurance that we will not identify you.

Your comments and suggestions will help us “tweak” our services to better serve your company.



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