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B2B Moonlighting is designed to be a profitable “side gig” for even the most successful local companies.

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Economics 101 — The Basis of B2B Moonlighting Services
Money is a certificate that is issued by a government as a convenient, temporary IOU for transferring the ownership of an asset from one person or entity to another.
When currency enters the economy, each transaction creates a tax obligation that returns a portion of the “IOU” to the government that issued the currency. On average, approximately $6 in transactions return ownership of $1 in currency to the government (“The Multiplier Effect”).
A bank is a government-licensed service that processes currency, performs accounting duties and speeds the rate at which transactions are completed. Banks use the electronic currency of credit card services to promote more commerce through that currency modification .
Currency is a modular system which allows its users to combine or subtract units to match the value of a transaction.
ANYTHING that improves the quality of life is an “asset”.
“Commerce” describes the transfers of the assets that are defined as goods or services.

Our Accounting System
B2B Moonlighting uses specialized accounting procedures to provide a framework for cash-free, B2B asset exchanges.
The service is designed to join currency, credit and debit cards as a convenient way to complete transactions between small companies.
B2B Moonlighting treats a company’s products and/or skills as being equal to their cash values. Through a system that resembles that of a bank, Moonlighting provides the accounting services that turn barter into an economical marketing tool.

Gift Certificate Vouchers
All transactions through B2B Moonlighting are based on the gift certificates of the members.
Internally, the accounting for transactions is based on AMPs (Asset Management Points), but functionally, everything is based on gift certificates.

Your company’s gift certificates go in, and your choices of gift certificates from other B2B Moonlighting clients come out.

Using gift certificates makes B2BMoonlighting transactions virtually indistinguishable from cash transactions, with the added benefits that come from legal protections in every state.

There are no fees to join and 6% sales commissions are payable in AMPs, by the seller, once a month
One half of that fee is used to fund Five Star Pixie Projects, like "Straw Dawgz" and "Hearth and Home". If a member prefers, those funds can be donated to a local 501(c)(3) of their choosing.
Account balances earn .033% daily interest (Approximately 12% APR)

As required by law, B2B Moonlighting submits 1099 forms for every exchange that we manage for our clients. (I.R.S. treats barter exchanges as taxable income and/or deductible expenses)
Each client is responsible for the payment of any tax obligation which is created by their exchange activities.

Asset Management Points
B2B Moonlighting creates a framework for incremental asset transfers between companies that mirrors the modular system of currency. However, the units of measurement are actual assets, rather than IOUs.
Asset Management Points (AMPs) are the measuring system of B2B Moonlighting accounting. They keep track of asset units, but have no value outside the “books” of the service.
The system’s public interfaces are based on real assets that we, and our clients, commit to the network. They fit into the familiar format of “deposits” and “withdrawals”, with “AMPs” as the tool that connects them.

The process begins when a new client “deposits” assets into their account. The assets are a transfer to B2B Moonlighting of the right to issue vouchers for a quantity of the client’s gift certificates. This allows B2B Moonlighting to break the quantity into units that are recorded in our books as AMPs, each of which represents a one dollar value in traditional commerce.

Strategic Deposits

The minimum, opening deposit for new accounts is ^200 (200 AMPs).
Clients may, at their discretion, make additional deposits at any time, for any amount (Up to their monthly exchange limit — See Below for Explanation).
The right to issue gift certificate vouchers in the name of the client NEVER exceeds the amounts that are individually assigned by the client at the time of each deposit.
The AMPs are placed in the client’s account and become the means for completing asset exchanges with other clients.
AMPs Vouchers may be used in their entirety as a gift certificate or exchanged for their sponsor's own gift certificates when deemed appropriate for the sponsor's tracking and accounting.
The rights to issue certificate vouchers are placed into reserve accounts, where they provide security for maintaining the value that the AMPs represent. The reserve account ensures that, no matter what happens, AMPs remain as ownership rights, never IOUs.

Member Controls
Each client sets a limit on the value of the certificates that they want to exchange in any given month. As part of an overall marketing strategy, modifying the limits every month can be used to level business cycles, or as part of a growth plan.
FOR EXAMPLE: Client “X” plans to make a 100 AMP exchange next month and sets a monthly exchange limit of 100 AMPs on his/her account. “100 AMPs” is posted in the directory as their limit. But, thanks to market conditions, “X” only exchanges 50 AMPs from his/her monthly limit. If their transaction account is short of the amount needed for the desired exchange, (s)he simply makes a Strategic Deposit of 50 AMPs and makes his/her purchase as planned.
(F.Y.I.: When making a Strategic Deposit, the client is creating a new right to issue gift certificate vouchers. That right goes into the B2B Moonlighting reserve account and AMPs are created for the client’s transaction account. All financials remain balanced for both the client and for B2B Moonlighting)

Collateralization for AMPs
Asset Management Points (AMPs) represent an equal value of various gift certificate vouchers that B2B Moonlighting holds in reserve to handle unforeseen liquidity and/or selection problems.
To handle even the possibility of member defaults, B2B Moonlighting maintains its reserves to 110% of the value of AMPs in the system.
If, at any time, a desired product or service is unavailable through normal trades, members are welcome to contact Moonlighting directly to check the availability of the item in the reserve account.

Seasonal Inactivity
Member control over their own account activity allows them to limit the number of gift certificates that they offer for exchange every month, all of the way down to zero for up to six (6) consecutive months.
During their inactive periods, members are allowed to make monthly Strategic Deposits up to an amount equal to half of their average monthly activity levels during their most recent active period.
FOR EXAMPLE: A landscaper has an active account from April through September, averaging ^500 in exchanges each month.
During the remaining six (6) months of his or her year, the landscaper may make up to ^250 in Strategic Deposits each month and continue trading with other members at that level.

The Five Star Pixie Surplus Store
B2B Moonlighting‘s reserve accounts serve their security functions best when the rights that are held reflect a fresh balance of products and services.
To maintain the reserve account’s freshness and balance, the rights will be replaced by newer rights that have been obtained by B2B Moonlighting, with the originals transformed into gift certificate vouchers that will be marketed to the general public through our Surplus Outlet.
These transformations are performed as needed to maintain balance, or every three months, to maintain selection freshness.
The Surplus Outlet is a marketplace for gift certificate voucher downloads that are initially discounted by 25% from their face value (Please Note: The certificate vouchers that are offered as surplus are owned by Moonlighting and obtained through deposit swaps with clients and through the 6% commission charged for transactions. Value is lost by B2B Moonlighting, not by the clients who will ultimately redeem the discounted vouchers at their face values.
To avoid the minor possibility that “discounted” will be interpreted as “bad” by anyone, the Surplus Outlet is showcased as “market testing”, an activity that reflects well on any business.
The “freshness” factor is maintained throughout the Outlet; After being listed for two weeks, vouchers are discounted by another 25%. After two more weeks, the vouchers are offered at 25% of their face values.
After a total of six weeks in the Surplus Outlet, gift certificates vouchers are donated to local charities.
We also assist charities by providing special, fee-free accounts through which local groups may collect donations or convert in-kind donations into more useful items or services.

In-Kind Donations
It’s depressing, but you may not be the favorite donor to your favorite charity.
Your doohickies may not be the type of in-kind donation they need. Maybe they need whatchamacallits instead.
If you donate the same value in AMPs to them, instead of “doohickies”, they can trade the AMPs for what they really need. And B2B Moonlighting will match your first ^500 in donations every year.
You’ve helped them efficiently reach their goal and it hasn’t required more than an extra minute or two of your time.
Who’s their favorite donor now??!!

Asset Security
Most of B2B Moonlighting‘s services can be handled online by our clients, but we added a human element to keep the assets entrusted to us as secure as possible.
Strategic Deposits are manually added to accounts.
Any manual action is initiated through a ticket system (to keep the process short and sweet). Tickets may be submitted at any time, but are only processed between 6 A.M. and 6 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, seven days a week. Between those hours, any transaction should be completed within an hour. When you complete your transaction is up to you.
In the unlikely event that our security features fail to stop hacking, B2B Moonlighting offers a “make whole” guarantee that will replace any AMPs that are fraudulently transferred.

Independent, Direct Trading
B2B Moonlighting places no restrictions on exchanges between clients.
When a client is in a situation where (s)he can complete an even “my stuff for your stuff” exchange, there is no reason to involve B2B Moonlighting or pay us a commission.

: Direct trades are taxable transactions and must be reported by their participants to federal and state tax authorities..