Five Star Pixie


Five Star Pixie is the public relations service provider for Urban Fair Trade.
It is based in B2B Moonlighting, but its funding comes from every part of the Urban Fair Trade network.
Although the projects partner it with 501(c)(3) agencies, Five Star is a private sector business.
Projects are selected by “reverse engineering” a problem down to the  easiest way to rectify cause.

We rely on “The Butterfly Effect” to carry our “solutions” forward to a new, better outcome.

Hearth and Home

This service trades home equity for a prospective home builder’s heirloom recipes.

Those recipes will be assembled into individual cookbooks of folk recipes and sold through Amazon®.

One half of all Hearth & Home profits will be reinvested in Five Star Pixie projects.

Straw Dawgz
Five Star Pixie will be distributing bamboo flutes, with directions and simple sheet music throughout Philadelphia.When enough people feel confident in themselves, we will challenge the Guinness 速 World Record for the largest number of musicians simultaneously playing a national anthem.For the sake of logistics, this attempt will probably occur on line.


To help the homeless, our strategy is to start from the ground, up.

Grounders will convert scraps of carpet and carpet padding into shoe insoles.

This product will offer greater comfort and air circulation, resulting in improved health in a vulnerable population.


Pixie Spices, (Tag line: “P.S. I Love You”). Our own brand of spices and herbs will include basic recipes to get the most value out of the product.
This project is primarily to supplement food pantry needs, but it may eventually include a retail component for the general public.

Five Star Pixie projects have several “side effects”, some of which aren’t clearly obvious.


Above everything else, each project creates respectful partnerships and is complementary to every other Five Star Pixie project.

Each project uses local craftspeople and supplies, whenever they available. Special efforts are being made to contract out the work to local cottage industries.

Since these programs are made possible by our B2B Moonlighting partners, they are free to publicly boast about how they have made any or all of Five Star’s projects possible.

Hearth and Home
is our acknowledgement that the history of a family is recorded in its heirloom recipes and that sharing that history makes each of us “family” to each other.

Making it possible to transform recipes into real estate equity provides substance to the concept of partnerships and dignity to the family whose recipes are being invested.

Straw Dawgz is a team effort that will allow a young person to build self confidence and useful life skills.

In many neighborhoods in Philadelphia, the feelings of disconnection are enormous. Our “Dawgz/Friends” need a “team”, and accom[plishments to call their own.
And if Guinness rejects our record for any reason, we still intend to declare a new world record for bamboo flute playing, and raise a fuss over it by challenging other American cities to beat our record.

Grounders is a reminder that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. There is nothing, and no one, that doesn’t have a hidden value.

Eventually, Grounders will distribute “diabetic” style foot ware, because the homeless suffer from many of the same maladies as individuals with diabetes.

Disadvantaged children often suffer from ill-fitting foot ware, and would benefit from that style shoe as well, so Grounders will need to expand quickly and massively

Pixie Spices will be donating harmony to food pantry clients

With the right spices, even the most basic foods will feed the soul, as well as the body.

Some will call this sexist, but we call it reality: Clients of food pantries are often from places where women cook and men view themselves as failures when they can’t provide enough for their families.

Giving them the spices that they need to turn basic ingredients into “family food” is a simple way to bring harmony and stability to disadvantaged families.





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